water baby

water baby

Friday, June 26, 2009

what we want...

We humans strive so hard for what we want. We toil our lives away, countless hours striving for our dreams. I've come to realize I do not know what I want and should stop trying to figure it out. This methodology sounds a little off..stay with me....All too often we achieve what we've worked so hard for only to find it leaves us wanting.

God said in the book of Jeremiah, 'i know the plans i have for you, not plans to harm you but give you hope and great future'. His plans are more than fathomly imaginable. Its certainly not what I would choose....or is it?

We limit our own understanding of what He can provide by putting God in the 'american dream' box when He's way bigger.

welcome aboard

So life is beginning to normalize. we're going into our 7 mo of parenting with two teeth and partially mobile baby. I decided it was time to attempt reading a book. I began Animal, Vegetable, Miracle a few nights ago. Honestly I'm not sure I like it. Their one of my people, they hug trees and such. Its a rather frustrating book to read how horrible it is to buy bananas and how people don't like to think their food comes from dirt. I guess its positive for the general population's awareness of current food issues. Those of us who've been composting, growing veg and buying local for years embrace the idea of our way of life becoming mainstream. We don't mind there are more crowds at the farmer's market....

What gets me pondering though, is how is one supposed to live this sustainable lifestyle? I mean with it becoming hip and all. It means there are more people doing it and more opinions. I'm supposed to buy local right? SO I go to the farmer's market down the street, oh wait I drove my car (hybrid of course). No, I should have rode my bike...no no, I should walk! With everyone tapping into the environmental movement its hard to know what to change, your light bulbs maybe? Its enough to cause a migraine. I grown my own garden, but were my seeds local? How am I to till the soil without using a gas powered polluting tiller? I can only water it with a rain barrel or grey water...... How is a normal person supposed to make their own cleaning products, buy local, grow their own foods, sleep on organic mattresses with bamboo sheets, eat from compostable plates, drink from BPA free-reusable bottles, take bags to the store, remember it must all be organic, drive a hybrid or bike everywhere....don't forget to recycle! its exhausting. There is even a choice of what type of compost to use: worm compost, heated compost, manure, old fashioned-throw-it-in-a-pile-of-leaves compost.

Those of you just now getting on the 'green fad', welcome aboard. Its a dirty ride (on a second hand bike, of course).

Monday, May 18, 2009

approaching 6 months!

it's been over a year now since this journey began. it seems like each year Brian and i are doing something new and different, finally some roots! We're masters of transition; always moving, job hoping, embarking on new adventures.....now we're the ones being taken for a ride by this little being named Logan. Currently he's eating food, rice cereal, peas, sweet potatoes, pears...ect. He seems to like more savory stuff, not sure where he got that! We've also added another member of the family: Rocky the boxer-lab-hound-beagle. Yeah, he barks all the time. The cats are perturbed to say the least. My etsy store is flourishing and I'm thoroughly enjoying being out of the professional world. I've also started gardening again. This year I'm doing: potatoes, lettuce, carrots, zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumber, cantaloupe, garlic, peppers and butternut squash! So exciting! We've committed to buying as much local food as possible....
check out the www.charlottetailgatemarket.com and the www.mounthollyfarmersmarket.com both awesome places.....happy growing!


yep that's an arm...strong climbing arms


Logan Keith MacIntosh



5 reasons....

these are my 5 reasons why this might be a good thing.
5 of the 10 reasons i have to run to pee every half hour = someone loves kicking my bladder.
5 reasons why i'm kept up at night.
5 reasons we're ripping out memories at my grandmother's to create new ones
5 reasons why i've gained 7 pounds and am ok with it.
5 reasons why my diet now consists of red meat, fruity pebbles and pickles (i.e. Brian's favorite foods)
5 reasons i'm ok with giving up mountain biking and climbing for a year
5 reasons to toally change our lives.

ever after....

the wedding story

Because so many have made requests and so many have not heard:
(wrote Dec. 2006)
This is the somewhat edited verson of the wedding story. The whole account would be too massive to record. One day it will be though, maybe then I'll send our story to Oprah. We had the worst wedding and honeymoon. There I said it. You may not believe the story I am about to tell, but I just had to write. Recently Brian and I watched a couple on Rachael Ray tell their story about how their truck was stolen before their honeymoon. We were like, "Is that it?!" We had not one but many unfortunate events occur during our wedding AND honeymoon....
We hired wedding planners to plan our wedding on the coast of North Carolina. The planners, a couple in their late 50's, took off with our money 4 weeks before the wedding! The whole fiasco became a police investigation! The day we discovered nothing was accomplished for our wedding our photographer also bailed. (Love you Rachel! For good reason, God knew what He was doing then! She ended up coordinating the whole affiar.) Since the invitations were already out, we decided to go ahead with the date.
We planned our wedding in 4 weeks! We found a new baker, photographer, decorations, transportation, ceremony site, caterer (me + whole foods).....So much was done at the last minute. The day before the ceremony Brian got a lead on the evil planners and took off with his pose (groomsmen) to track them down, in hopes of retreiving our money, leaving my bridesmaids, myself and family to set-up for the entire reception, ceremony site and cook the rehearsal dinner!
The following day (the wedding day) we awoke to sideways rain, some of the worst storms April had ever seen across the country and on the coast. No barefoot wedding on the beach for us. A miracle occured at the last minute; we were given a 30 minute window between storms. We had the wedding outside in the drizzle, not on the beach but on the lawn/dunes. From there things ran smoother thanks to our families and friends serving and cleaning the entire reception!
The following day we left for the honeymoon. We traveled to Arizona, planning to road trip it in a Jeep and camp in the Grand Canyon at Havasu Falls.....things never go as planned...
We nearly spent our first night in the airport because we forgot the credit card used to reserve the car. Several days later, half way to the Grand Canyon, trouble caught up with us again.... Our second day in beautiful Sedona, AZ we both fell ill. We ended up in the ER with extreme cases of food poisoning! We managed to make it to the Grand Canyon days later, looked over the side, then headed back towards Pheonix. We packed all our new camping equipment and never used a bit of it. The story does not end there.....
The next morning I was somehow locked in our hotel room at Arcosanti (an italian architectural commune). It nearly caused us to miss our flight home. Between being locked in the room and the flight we also managed to track down a REI & Advanced Auto Parts to buy supplies to patch a 4 inch rip in the rented Jeep's cloth cover! (I must say we have skills)
Once home from our horrible honeymoon and disaster filled wedding we were anything but happy newlyweds. To add to it all we later found out that our insurance did not cover our stay in the ER, we were left with thousands in medical bills from our honeymoon.
I promise every bit of this is true, our advice is "Don't have a wedding!" We may develop more humor about the situation once we finish paying for it......The whole event could so be a made-for-tv-drama/comedy! At least we have an awesome story to tell the grandchildren one day!

(see pictures from the wedding and honeymoon on facebook)